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Acer Liquid S2 appears officially for first time in the mobile world 0

Acer Liquid S2 officially unveiled by the company

This week seems to be the busiest time in the mobile world. while most of the rumors and the discussions going on are about Samsung, Sony, Apple and the annual event IFA, we got a piece of news coming up from Acer. The company has just made official its flagship Acer Liquid S2. The rumors for the upcoming high-end device...

Acer Liquid S2 spotted on a roadmap that reveals powerful hardware for the phablet 0

Leak with information for Acer Liquid S2 reveals some of the specs for the upcoming phablet

Acer joined the world of the large-size devices with its impressive Android running phablet Acer Liquid S1 earlier this year, in June during Computex. If you think that this will be all from Acer for the year, you are wrong. Only months after the flagship was officially announced we hear the first rumors and leaks about the upcoming new generation...