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Jolla Phone running Sailfish OS, developed by a Finish company Jolla 0

Jolla’s Sailfish OS ready for global distribution, available for Android devices soon

Sailfish OS 1.0 heading into new markets including Android devices Jolla today announced that its operating system Sailfish OS will hit new markets soon as version 1.0 is almost ready for global release. Jolla launched its first smartphone back in November last year through the Finish carrier DNA. Starting with limited availability and a beta version of Sailfish OS, Jolla...

The Other Half back covers for Jolla Phone now available in black and green 0

Jolla offers two new options of The Other Half backplates – black and green

The Other Half back covers for Jolla phone in green and black The Jolla phone is the first smartphone running on Sailfish OS but that is not the only interesting thing about it. The handset sports a sleek design with unique appearance and interchangeable back plates that have more purposes than just refresh the look of the device. The company...