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iPad Air, iPad 2 and upgraded iPad mini 0

Apple introduced iPad Air and upgraded iPad Mini

Today, we are covering the big Apple event in San Francisco. A few minutes ago, Apple has introduced in California its new products – the iPad Air and the improved iPad Mini, both presented by Tim Cook. The fifth generation iPad is called iPad Air. The new tablet is lighter (just 1 pound) and thinner than the previous models launched...

Lumia 1520 phablet shows off once again, this time next to Xperia Z1 0

Nokia Lumia 1520 captured in high-resolution photos next to Sony Xperia Z1 and iPad mini

The upcoming phablet Nokia Lumia 1520 is very exciting event in the mobile world foro several reasons. First, it has been awhile since Nokia has announced a large-sized device. The launching of the hybrid between tablet and smartphone is much anticipated by fans of Nokia that prefer the 5.5-inches+ devices. Another reason why Lumia 1520 is promising to be a...


iOS 7 beta 2 now available for tests by developers

The iOS 7 beta 1 was released right after the WWDC and even though we were more than happy to see what the update has to offer, the bugs and the missing features in the platform left the impression that Apple has been in a hurry to release the update and the work is still half done. Now the iOS...