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HTC One delay is officially announced by HTC and the CEO of the company is before resignation. 0

HTC One delays officially confirmed

HTC One will officially be delayed from releasing. The new flagship of the Taiwanese company was announced to hit the stores on March 15. The date was perfectly chosen – a day after the rival flagship – Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced. The plans were ruined however and now HTC One will be released on selected European market on March...

HTC One Developers versionn will be available for $649 with unlocked SIM and bootloader. 0

Unlocked HTC One Developer Edition sells for $649

About two years ago, in May 2011, Peter Chou (HTC CEO) promised that all future devices will be with unlocked bootloaders. It was so for a while and HTC seemed to try to keep the promise, but then it forgot it. Now the company from Taiwan is going to try again – it offers the new flagship HTC one for...