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Google boosts Hangouts with SMS and GIF support, HD video, auto adjusting image quality and more

Today Google announced 18more features to its social platform and part of these new features is a bunch of updates to the instant messaging and video chat platform Google + Hangouts. The improvements include support for SMS, animated GIF’s, HD video support and location sharing. The SMS support was promised long ago anyway, but now this update is a fact...

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Google updates Hangouts, adds Google Voice calling… but only for iOS

Google has updated Hangouts adding Google Voice calling integration and animated GIF support. The logic suggests Google has rolled out the update for Android first, but strangely, this update has reached the iOS devices. The newly added voice calling support will enable iPhone and iPad users to use Hangouts and make calls even if they are not connected to a...


Try out Google’s new unified cross-platform messaging service – Hangouts

Google delivered plenty of news at the I/O 2013 yesterday. One of the announcements we find interesting is the launch of the new cross-platform messaging service called Hangouts. Hangouts is going to replace some of the Google’s services including Talk, Voice and Google+ Hangouts. All these old services ensured real time conversations, but Hangouts will deliver far more. It is...