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Samsung Galaxy Round sports attractive ordinary design with a curved 5.7-inches OLED display and Snapdragon 800 chip inside the panel 0

Samsung Galaxy Round Review

Samsung Galaxy Round – hands-on Introduction Samsung Galaxy Round is the first smartphone in the tech world with a curved display. It puts the beginning of the fast growing new trend for mobile devices with bended screens. The fast development of the technologies will soon bring to the world more advanced foldable OLED displays working on smartphones and wearable devices....

Sources close to Samsung revealed the possibility for a smartphone with wraparound display coming up next year 0

Samsung is working on a concept for smartphone with a wraparound display, according to sources

The dynamics in the tech world are so intense, intriguing and exciting that it becomes overwhelming to catch up with everything noteworthy happening in the sphere of high-techs. The trend for large-sized smartphones with outstanding sets of specs, backed up by the newest improvements in hardware and design is still alive and going strong. Most of the major players on...