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Apple iPad mini 2 is now the star of the day 0

Apple iPad mini 2 vs Apple iPad mini vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Well, fellows it is on again. The next general comparison between Apple and Samsung is coming yet again. Even though the Windows 8-inch tablets have been out just for a few weeks we will need to yet again focus on the competition between Apple and Samsung. Apple is back on stage and it has Apple iPad mini 2 compared to...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 now on Three in the UK 0

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 now available on Three in the UK

Three has released the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 now you can get it on 2-year contract with some considerable price plans. However, this is far from all as it seems if you are planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 on Three you can get some free stuff around the purchase like AVG antivirus, 50GB Dropbox storage for...