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Galaxy Note 3 Lite will be equipped with 720p display 0

Galaxy Note 3 Lite will boast 720p resolution, rumors say

The upcoming phablet Galaxy Note 3 Lite will arrive with 720p display Rumors and speculations about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite are getting more and more intensive. It seems that there is news about the affordable version of Galaxy Note 3 every other day in the last weeks. However there is very little information about the upcoming device in order...

galaxy note 3 lite 0

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite has entered production

It would replace the Super AMOLED HD screen with an LCD panel As we already clarified, the first quarter of 2014 will be quite a busy one for Samsung. That is in case all the rumors and leaks are true. The company will have to deal with the OIS camera issue, start producing the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 and the...

Galaxy Note 3 Lite will feature LCD display, the latest rumors confirm 0

New rumors confirm LCD display for Galaxy Note 3 Lite

Galaxy Note 3 Lite with LCD display is mentioned in a new report Recently the rumors about Samsung suggest that the company is considering integrating LCD displays in the Galaxy S line and in the Note phablets in order to decrease the costs for the future devices. Even though the company did not confirm the rumors, the speculations on the...