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LG G2 Mini revealed in a leak from the database of Bluetooth SIG 0

Alleged LG G2 Mini appears in the Bluetooth SIG database

LG G2 Mini presented in a new leak from Bluetooth SIG More and more rumors in the digit world reveal that LG is getting ready to introduce a smaller version of its current flagship, LG G 2 Mini. Not long ago a source from LG unveiled that the model numbers of the smartphone are LG D620 and LG D618. The...

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A huge LG G2 mini might join its bigger brother soon

The device is going to be announced during next month’s CES 2014 in Las Vegas Everyone can’t fail to notice that almost every single flagship has its smaller mini version. This is quite logical, when you think of it- it often happens to fall for a great high-end device with flawless hardware; however these devices are usually too expensive. That’s...