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Reduce the data consumption of your Android device with three tips

Three quick ways to reduce the data consumption on your Android device Recently the US based Internet content delivery network released the numbers of true data consumption over the last year (figure).  While world’s data speed averagely increases to 3.6Mpbs, the mobile data consumption rises 80%, which means we normally use about 2GB of data per month. Unfortunately, the trouble...

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Digital Inking in Evernote for Android is being tested

Evernote testing Digital Inking features in its Android app Evernote has invited selected users to begin testing a set of new features including Digital Inking for its Android application. To test the goodies before the official launch (keep in mind you may find some issues) you need to enroll to the company’s Google+ group. That would give you an access...


New update of Evernote brings integration with Skitch

The update for note syncing service Evernote for free and premium level apps for iPhone and iPads is already available. It is worth it to download the update now, because of the significant improvements and multitasking capabilities that the update provides. The note syncing service boasts synced shortcuts and the most exciting part – integration with Skitch that makes it...