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Motorola Droid Ultra and Motorola Droid Mini dressed in white attire at Verizon

They are the same Moto-X-class devices and nothing has changed in terms of specs and pricing Three days ago some rumors have tipped that Motorola Droid mini will arrive in white. As usual, @evleaks rumors appear to be true, as it came clear today. Right now, in the early hours of Black Friday, both Motorola Droid Ultra and Motorola Droid...

DROID Mini will be available in white version soon, according to a recent leak 0

DROID Mini in white is revealed in a new leak

New leak reveals a white version of DROID Mini Motorola DROID Mini brings quite a package of specs and capabilities for a small-sized Android smartphone. It boasts a 4.3-inches LCD display with 720p resolution. The pixel density is very decent – 342ppi. It is powered by dual-core processor set at 1.7MHz with 2GB RAM on board and the Motorola X8...

DROID Mini officially arrives in the shelves of Verizon 0

The crimson DROID Mini is released by Verizon

In the middle of October we shared the leak with render photos of the Motorola DROID Mini posing for the camera outfitted in red. The new extraordinary variant of the handset is purposed for Verizon. The US carrier has already launched red variants of the other smartphones of the “family” – Motorola DROID Ultra and Motorola DROID Maxx. As the...