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Google Nexus 7 by evleaks 0

Google Nexus 7 arrives July 30

A leaked Best Buy ad indicates that the new Google Nexus 7 launches next week, July 30. Earlier, we heard the news that the slate arrives at Staples on July 31. Staples will receive the devices no later than July 24, but the products will be kept locked until launch. According to the Best Buy ad, the Google Nexus 7...

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XOLO Play T1000 available in India

The new 4.7-inch Android handset XOLO Play T1000 is available on the market. XOLO Play T1000 is described as a gaming phone – it is a mix between a gaming console and a phone. T 1000 has the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and it is already available on the Indian market. The price is Rs. 15999 or around $270 –...

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iPhone 5S arrives with some significant changes

iPhone 5S is expected to bring significant changes to the current iPhone 5 model. Today, we got some new information about the future handset. In a post on Sina Weibo (a popular network in China), the source revealed some interesting details about the next phone. As expected, the update of the iPhone 5 will be incremental, but significant. The information...