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BlackBerry with a new device coming maybe 0

BlackBerry with a new mysterious invitation for an event

We are completely mind-boggled by BlackBerry these days. On the one hand we have BlackBerry confirming that a new investment banker is looking for a potential buyer for the giant Canada based manufacturer (perhaps the banker should put it on eBay and wait for the best price offer of the highest bidder) , on the other hand we hear more...

BlackBerry is fighting its way 0

BlackBerry Aristo Z30 is undergoing carrier testing now

Ok, now there is some news. A new rumor from a forum guy, who claims to be close to the situation at BlackBerry now claims that the BlackBerry Aristo Z30 will be pushed to be available for holiday season and is now undergoing carrier testing and it is not know which operators are involved in this. This device is expected...