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Start your engines, because Angry Birds Go! is now available in the Play Store

Unfortunately, the in-app purchases might take away from the fun Recently we were able to have the first glimpse at Rovio’s Angry Birds Go! thanks to the iOS software launch that allowed some users in New Zealand to check out the game and share some spoilers. The game is finally available for all Android users as IAP supported free download...

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Angry Birds Go! will offer way too many in-app purchases

The Big Bang Special edition kart will cost $100 Rovio will release its kart-recing game Angry Birds Go! worldwide on December 11, however an iOS software launch allows some users in New Zealand to have a first glimpse at it. That’s where we’ve got all the spoilers from. The game features in-app purchases and it appears that some of those...

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Angry Birds Toons – why so angry, birds?

Angry Birds will soon be presented in cartoon series by Rovio It seems that the moment has come – the moment to find out why the birds are angry. Rovio, the company behind the popular smartphone game, is starting an animation, based on it. The cartoon will show us the world of the characters in the game and may give...