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Samsung Galaxy S4 Developers Edition front panel 0

Samsung Galaxy S4 with special Developer Edition

Google I/O 2013 announced the launching of Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. Latest rumors about Samsung give us the hint that it will not be the last surprise by the manufacturer. There are speculations about the upcoming introducing of special developer edition of Samsung Galaxy S4. It will be available for several of the biggest mobile providers in the US....

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint launch “It Can Wait” 0

“It Can Wait” the campaign that unites the four major carriers in the US

A new major ad campaign that has been recently launched in the US unites the four biggest carriers in the country, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint against the potentially deadly habit for texting while driving. The companies embrace the logo of AT&T “It Can Wait”. The message of the campaign is focused on warning the smartphone users for the...


Nokia Lumia 928 arrives at Verizon on May 16

Nokia has officially confirmed that Lumia 928 will arrive exclusively at Verizon Wireless. Nokia Lumia 928 has attracted much attention since its announcement. Now, one of the most innovative new devices is ready to hit the market in the USA, and Verizon’s customers will be the first who can touch and experience the new phone. You should be quite familiar...


Pantech Perception available to Verizon’s customers

Running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the new Verizon exclusive smartphone Pantech Perception is available for purchase via Verizon’s website. The rumors around the new phone started a year ago, but we must say that the device is worth waiting. You get the Pantech Perception for $99 with a two year contract. The display is 4.8 inch 720p super AMOLED –...

Nokia Lumia 928 is expected to come later this month in Black and White colours. 0

Nokia Lumia 928 image in white colour leaks

Hey, Windows Phone fans, we have a good news! If you prefer the white colour, the future flagship of Nokia, Nokia Lumia 928 will be available in it, too. At least, that’s what this leaked image of the device suggests. The device is said to be available from Verizon soon – maybe even till the end of this month. There...

Verizon and AT&T may be working together to acquire Vodafone - the second largest carrier in the world. 0

Verizon and AT&T to divide Vodafone between themselves

According to a new rumour from the mobile world, Verizon and AT&T may be working together and with a common aim – to acquire Vodafone, the second most significant carrier in the world (the first is China mobile). If the companies reach an agreement and the deal is signed, Verizon and AT&T will pay through the nose – 260 pence...

HTC Thunderbolt is getting a new update, but, for a pity, it is not Jelly Bean. 0

The next update of HTC Thunderbolt coming soon

HTC Thunderbolt is one of the classical devices on Taiwanese company – old yet stable and good. Those who still use it after 12, may start celebrating – Verizon and HTC seem to have shaken hands over the deal. As usual, we see the update confirmed and detailed by the documents of the support page on the website. Usually, 24-48...

BlackBerry Z10 may be available on March 15 in the USA through the network of AT&T. 0

Blackberry Z10 available in USA on March 15

According to the latest rumours, BlackBerry Z10 will hit the US market on March 15. However, there may be a change in plans regarding the carrier that will provide it. Earlier we thought that T-Mobile will be the first US carrier to sell the phone, but now AT&T is said to take its place. If you remember, first it was...


BlackBerry Z10 meets FCC again

Today BlackBerry Z10 visits the Federal Communications Commission for the second time. The difference between the two visits is that the first time the members of the commission laid hands on the AT&T version, while today they are examining the Verizon’s one with model number STL 100-4. What does this mean? It means a new step to launching in USA....


HTC Thunderbolt getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update

The HTC Thunderbolt has its Ice Cream Sandwich update ready, to soon start rolling out to all devices. The update package is about 380MB. It will be known as Android 4.0.4 with Sense 3.6, and will perhaps boost the battery life a bit. It’s nice to know that the Thunderbolt was not forgotten! Source: Verizon Wireless