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China Phone market grows 0

China’s Smartphone market is now three times larger than the US

The latest survey of ‘Counterpoint Technology Market Research’ covering the smartphone market in China has revealed some interesting details and trends. Last year, China surpassed the US, becoming the largest smartphone market in the world. In August 2013, just a year later, the Chinese market has grown, becoming almost three times bigger than the US. Overall, more than 30 million...

Samsung & Apple is slowing down 0

Why the high-end phone market is slowing down?

Many analyzers believe that the peak of the high-end smartphone market is reached. Today, the devices are more affordable than two years ago and almost everyone in the world who can afford an expensive phone already have one. That doesn’t mean the whole phone business is shrinking, but it is switching to new consumer patters. Back in the past, the...

The phone market in India is growing rapidly 0

India became the third largest phone market

India has overtaken Japan and now occupies the third position on the global smartphone market ranking after China and USA, according to a new report published by Strategy Analytics. The results for the first quarter of the year show that India has moved to the third place, mainly because of Apple , Samsung and the local Indian manufacturer Micromax. Interestingly,...