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Windows Surface RT now mocks Apple's iPad 0

Windows Surface RT tablet in a TV spot mocking iPad 4 this time

Microsoft has previously had quite some fun with the iPad and the Iconia tablet. However, now it is time for them to show off their Windows RT tablet. What better way to do that by a fresh TV commercial showing the great qualities of the Windows product over the iPad. If you remember well previously Apple also used anti-commercial to...

Closer look to four modern large-sized tablets 0

A Guide Through: Four Gladiators On The Arena Of The Large-Sized Tablets

Last week we posted our first “A Guide Through: Meet Four Exceptional Small-Sized Tablets” review to guide you through four of the most popular and new models small-sized tablets recommended by you, our readers in PhonesReview.Com. Now it is time to show you from closer four of the most successful and popular large-sized tablets, recently released by the major manufacturers...