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what makes the iPhone 5 so unique from manufacturing 0

How the iPhone 5 was made

The manufacturing techniques process for the creating of the iPhone 5 Apple iPhone 5 has appeared to be not that much different in anything and everything when compared to its predecessor 4S, yet it is obviously taller, slimmer, smarter with its new iOS, et. etc. In our reviews below you can read all about the new stuff Apple’s 5 has...

Sprint will get iPhone 5 in October according to rumors 0

iPhone 5 to launch on Sprint in October

At the September 12 Apple press conference the launch of the new iPhone was officially announced for September 21st . Judging by some information however, perhaps not all U.S. carriers will get it on that same day. In particular, Verizon and AT&T are to have the new iPhone in stores on the 21st , yet Sprint might be late to...