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Alcatel OneTouch tablet with iris recognition technology 0

Alcatel OneTouch and IriTech getting ready to unveil a tablet device with integrated iris recognition during the MWC 2014

Alcatel and the biometric company IriTech develop iris recognition tech with a lot of potential for mobile devices More reasons for rushing our adrenaline in anticipation for the upcoming MWC event keep on queuing on our list. This time, the interesting news comes straight from the HQ of Alcatel and the biometric company IriTech that have been teaming up to...

concept design 0

Microsoft Surface Phone with Windows Phone 8.1 appears in a concept design

The Surface Phone vision suggests a Nokia build quality that relies on the ClearBlack technology Microsoft has been a too busy lately closing the deal which will finally make Nokia a part of its structure. In the meantime, while the company doesn’t seem to be very productive in terms of smartphones, lots of rumors have surfaced to suggest that it’s...

Windows Phone App Studio image 1 0

Windows Phone App Studio in Beta Version, with More Features

Windows Phone App Studio Beta Version Offers More Capabilities for Image Processing, Source Code Improvements, Etc. The Windows Phone App Studio of Microsoft is currently in the beta version. It offers uses exciting opportunities. With it they can create apps for their devices by using a web tool. Users do not need to be experienced or have special knowledge. Both...