The first devices running on the Tizen platform is the Samsung NX300M Camera

The Tizen platform powers the Samsung NX300M Camera

Earlier this year a published report from sources close to Samsung claimed that the Intel and Samsung developed mobile operating system Tizen is almost dead. The news seemed believable after the lack of information about details for Tizen platform and the future plans of Samsung for the launching of the first devices running on the operating system. The last few weeks changed completely the perspective on Tizen platform with some juicy leaks about the upcoming handsets by Samsung that will work over the new platform. The most recent news on this topic is pretty exciting for those who are impatient to see the new operating system working in real. Samsung has just announced that the first device running on Tizen platform is fact. The Samsung NX300M Camera is powered by the Tizen Camera Platform based on the Tizen technology. The news came from the Tizen Developer Conference. Among the advantages of the platform is the possibility to boot up the camera twice, similar to what the Linux powered technology provides as an option. The new Tizen camera Samsung NX300M can capture the impressive number of 9 pictures by second.

According to Samsung the first smartphones running on the Tizen platform will be released in February 2014. The handsets will be powered by Tizen 2.2.1. The newer Tizen 3.0 runnign smartphones will debut in the end of 2014. The update will bring support got 64-bit and significant improvements in the performance and the possibility for the models to be equipped with more RAM on board. Samsung has prepared something for developers that want to work on the platform – Tizen 3.0 with 3D user interface framework. A week ago we shared with you the leak with the prototype of the first Tizen-running smartphone Samsung SM-Z9005 presented in a video. Samsung is encouraging developers to work especially on the software and developing of rich library of apps for the Tizen powered devices.

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